Guide to the Best Casinos

Learn where and why to play at certain online casinos. Don't waste your time on casinos that have lousy payouts and take forever to pay you if you win. Here you will learn who is the top online casinos and why they are considered the best. For most users they just see a casino and a offer that appeals to them and end of game they are playing there but for the user who wants to play seriously it is more important to find out which will treat them the best. That's why at top casino choices we only list ones that we know will go the extra mile to make your gaming experience the very best.

Royal Vegas

The first thing you will consider is what software powers their games and yes this makes a difference. Since the software companies have to look over the interest in all their casino operators, the ones with most integrity will keep owners in line and not allow them to do unethical things. The standards are set the highest at casinos which are using the premium software. There contract is very intense making them the best choices. Some of the owns will only do what is mandatory and not go the extra mile for players. Others will do everything they can to make sure the users are happy. As you can see here there is only a few we are displaying to you but these are the elite casinos.

Platinum Play

Now lets talk about the games, are they created equal? No they definitely are not however some are just as good as others but payouts vary from one machine to another. At the top online casinos you will have more than seven hundred casino games to view and play. Within those seven hundred I am sure you will find some great ones to play. Of course players get bored even with that many choices, so the online casinos are aware of this and do add new machines monthly which gives you something fresh to enjoy. It does seem like the newer games are a bit lose when they first are added. It could be due to so many playing them right away.

Lucky Nugget

On conclusion don't gamble with where you play at only play at the top online casinos and you do have a few choices to pick from. All of which have a awesome no deposit bonus for new users plus a additional bonus that is added to your purchase.